Pacifico Yokohama, Hall B


One of the largest
blockchain conferences in Asia

This conference is the largest of its kind in Asia—complete with seminars and lectures by key figures in the blockchain industry—where invaluable information will be shared by leading companies and organizations from Japan and abroad!

  • People interested in cryptocurrencies and want to learn more before getting into it
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use cryptocurrencies as capital for companies
  • People interested in blockchain technology
  • People who want to learn the about the trends in the crypto world
  • People who are finding it difficult to erase their sense of doubt about cryptocurrencies
  • People who want to properly experience blockchain technology with their eyes and ears
  • People who want to understand the future of cryptocurrency and ICO regulations
  • People who want to do first-hand research on cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • People who want to get information fresh from the industry leaders

How will blockchain technology be used?

Voting systems
(with fraud protection)

Share medical records
with doctors

Visas and passports

Ticket sales
(with resale prevention)

Safely operate drones
and unmanned vehicles

Perform international
payments more quickly,
no matter the distance

Get information
for producers
(agriculture, fisheries, etc.)

Get land ownership

Guarantee authenticity
of academic records

Track where
taxes are spent

Track how donations
are used

Blockchain is decentralized and traceable, which gives it a wide range of applications. Services which use blockchain are set to reach all kinds of industries.

Industry leaders will share a wide range of information at the largest blockchain conference in Asia

Rewriting the history of money

Why attend JBC?

Receive a gift of coins worth 30,000 yen
Get tokens from participating companies (participation in Airdrop rallies required)
Details coming soon

Early rising campaign! We offer Bitcoin chich is worth \1,000 for the first 1,000 people. (In total it's worth \ 1 million)

You can experience using Bitcoin. (You can use Boitcoin received at front counter.)

Lots of speaches by celebrities and fresh intelligence are available on the stage.

Celebrities and famous influencers
are coming on the stage.
(Contents: Updating as needed)

Places accepting cryptocurrency payment
places accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have tremendously increased in the last few years!!

These include Bic Camera, Kojima, Sofmap, Megane Super, Peach Aviation, and other notable corporations as well as shops online and offline in fashion, restaurants, and other industries.

Over 300,000 shops all over Japan accept cryptocurrencies, and the number is rapidly growing.

More small shops in Japan are adopting these services in order to accommodate visitors during the 2020 Olympics. Experts say that this could increase the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

There are already over 1,600 cryptocurrencies!

16 cryptocurrency exchanges
in Japan have been licensed by the Financial Services Agency!

What's great about JBC


Over 150 expert corporations will gather in Yokohama.

Leading companies and organizations responsible for the future of blockchain technology from Japan and abroad will gather and exchange information, aiming to spread awareness of blockchain and expand the areas where blockchain is applied.


The smartest place to share the latest domestic and international information

In collaboration with global blockchain companies and organizations, we will do more than deliver information both domestically and internationally. We are providing a place for people to exchange information and show the experience and technology they have developed.


A great opportunity to learn about future ICO regulations

The ICO regulations are now strict in Japan, and it is caused by the fact that many ICOs are not yet trusted and their image has been muddled by many scammers. The ICOs will be more properly regulated in the future, and participating in JBC and getting genuine information will help you navigate through obstacles to obtain ideas for strategies and answers to how you will achieve your goals.


Learn about the facts regarding the future of crypto.

Recently there has been a lot of negative press regarding the vulnerability of exchanges, such as the Coincheck NEM leaks and hacking incidents, which has led to stricter government regulations. Many exchanges have closed down in China and South Korea, but there are truths that are not widely understood. You can learn the facts regarding the closure of these exchanges at JBC.


Learn about the latest developments in the crypto market from famous guests

At this conference, you will have a chance to listen to many founders of blockchain companies and blockchain specialists in person. This allows you to get first-hand insights on developments in the market from the best sources.


See the future of technology

Services which incorporate AI and VR are being released in Japan, and blockchain technology will surely be introduced to all facets of society, including medicine, education, and the workforce, in the near future. It is not an exaggeration to say you can see the future at this JBC.


Introducing the prominent guest speakers
from the last JBC

Roger Ver

Angel investor known as the “god of Bitcoin.” In his early twenties he launched the computer parts business, and became a billionaire by the age of 25. In 2016, he was appointed Chairman of the MGT Capital Investment Cryptocurrency Advisory Board (made famous by John McAfee), and is one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Toni Lane

The cofounder of one of the most influential crypto and blockchain news sites Cointelegraph. Through this site, she reaches a wide audience with quality ICO news and cryptocurrency speculation chart analyses.


The Chief Executive Officer of Centrality, the legendary cryptocurrency which completely sold about 100 million dollars worth of tokens in just 10 minutes. The platform he created allows decentralized apps to run, earning Centrality a place in crypto history, and creating a cryptocurrency that is gaining attention even now.

More and more listed companies
and large corporations are joining in!
Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly prominent in Japan.

Large corporations which are planning to utilize cryptocurrency in the future include:

Large corporations, seeing the amazing potential of crypto in the future, are actively getting involved in the space.
Plus, many more companies are considering entering the field.

Cryptocurrency is
becoming increasingly prominent in Japan.
Classes covering the subject are being developed for all students, from elementary school to university.

In these times, Japan's universities are keeping students educated regarding the latest blockchain technologies. The University of Tokyo Komaba Campus, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, and Waseda Business School are all hosting lectures in the subject,

Previous visitor's comments:

"I could see many cutting-edge services which used blockchain technology!"

"I got to see the world-leading technology that I wouldn't have known about at all if I hadn't gone! There were so many big companies and famous speakers there, I was able to get a lot of trustworthy information so quickly."

"With the information I got at the conference, I was able to make successful investments!"

"As an investor, I went to the conference to get the latest information. I already have a lot of experience investing in cryptocurrencies and the like, but of course there is a lot of information on the internet and information from the source communities that is not the latest. At this conference, I got hot info that no one else was able to know and was able to get tokens just by participating."

"Got 10,000 yen worth in tokens not listed!"

"I participated and got a good return just for participating. I got to hear about the future trends of the industry, and was able to see the benefits of cryptocurrencies!"

"I could hear about the developments in crypto from the experts!"

"The news on the TV just shows negative news about cryptocurrency, so I was worried about the future of cryptocurrency. But I was able to get information from leaders of large companies and experts, which allowed me to study the market's future in greater detail. I was completely satisfied."

"These are just some of the comments we received from satisfied participants. The next JBC promises to be even better!"


I have no knowledge about cryptocurrency,
is that OK?

Yes, no problem.
In fact, since you can have complicated topics explained to you by experts, you can get the right information.

Where and When will the conference be held?

The conference will be held January 30 and 31, 2019, at Pacifico Yokohama, Hall B

Will the conference be held in English?

The conference will have full support in English and Japanese, with interpreting services provided for presentations.

How many speakers and exhibitors attend this conference?

Over 100 companies are expected to exhibit. Key figures from some of these companies will make presentations.


Name 「Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC)」
– YOKOHAMA Round 2019 –
Dates January 30 (Wed.) - 31 (Thur.), 2019, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue Pacifico Yokohama, Hall B
Organizer The Global Blockchain Council
Participation Fee
VIP Pass JPY100,000 (approx. USD880)
※Includes a two-day pass to the lounge and invitations to the After Party (30th) and Celebration Party (31st)
Expo Pass
Advance registration One day ticket: JPY3,000 (approx. USD27)
Two day ticket: JPY5,000 (approx. USD45)
Same day purchase One-day ticket: JPY4,000 (approx. USD36)
Includes access to ① Exhibition zone: 150 market entrants from Japan and abroad
② Lectures/seminars: Prominent guests from the blockchain industry
③ Other areas


Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall B

1-1-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 220-0012 Japan

From Minato Mirai Station

5-minute walk from Minato Mirai Station.

Going through Queen’s Square allows covered access in case of rain. (Excludes access to some facilities.)

Using the Escalator

Exit using the Queen’s Square Exit of the station, take the escalators from the 3rd basement to the 2nd floor of Queen’s Square Yokohama (get on the longer red escalator first, and then the shorter one, both on the left side at the back). On the 2nd floor, turn left onto the main mall street and cross the bridge (Queen Mall Bridge).

Using the Elevator

Go up to the 2nd floor using the yellow “see-through” elevator on the left-hand side of the red escalator. Get off on the 2nd floor, go to right hand side, turn left onto the main mall street and cross the bridge (Queen Mall Bridge).

From Sakuragicho Station

12 minutes on foot, 11 minutes by bus, or 5 minutes by taxi from Sakuragicho Station.

(JR Keihin Tohoku Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway)Using the moving walkway allows covered access in case of rain. (Excludes access to some facilities.)

On Foot (12 minutes)

Walk toward Minato Mirai using the moving walkway.Go through two shopping malls—Landmark Plaza (3F) and Queen’s Square (2F)—and cross the bridge (Queen Mall Bridge) in front of you.*In the event of rain, you can use the first floor. を渡ります。(12分)※雨天時は1Fを通ると雨にぬれません。

By Taxi (5 minutes)

Take a taxi from the taxi stand in front of the station.

By Bus (11 minutes)

Take a municipal bus at Bus Stop No. 4 of Sakuragicho Bus Terminal and get off the bus at Tenji Hall or Pacifico Yokohama.

From Yokohama Station

10 minutes by taxi or 10 minutes by Sea Bass (ferry) from Yokohama Station.

(JR Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, Keikyu Main Line, Sagami Railway Lines, “Airport Limousine” shuttle bus)

By Taxi (10 minutes)

You can get a taxi from Porta at the East Exit (B2F) and YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal).

By Sea Bass Ferry (10 minutes)

From the Bay Quarter shopping mall near the Yokohama Station East Exit, get off at the Pugari Sanbashi pier.

By Train

Transfer to the Minato Mirai Line or JR Keihin Tohoku Line. Note: Actual travel times required depend on the facilities being used and traffic conditions. Transfer times are not included.

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