A new page will be written in Blockchain history in Yokohama.

The first blockchain conference was held in Tokyo last year and dates for the second year have been announced!

This event is one of the biggest blockchain conferences in Japan, consisting of seminars and lectures by key players in the blockchain industry, and the exhibition zone will comprise of leading companies and organizations from Japan and abroad, sharing a great deal of beneficial information.
Don't miss the opportunity to meet with the best of the blockchain industry, which continues to gather momentum.



One of Asia’s The biggest exhibition for the blockchain industry

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Blockchain is physically difficult to see, and that is why we are providing a chance to actually experience and feel the passion of the industry. What's necessary is "proof of existence."
The scale is the largest for end users and the event is focused entirely on cryptocurrency, making it possible to efficiently and directly approach people with an interest in the industry.
The last conference at the Tokyo International Forum recorded 100 participating companies from 30 countries and regions, and more than 10,000 attendees.
Unlike advertising on the Internet, this conference is held physically at one large venue--this allows for a swift resolution to any questions arisen, and is an environment that is easy to gain a fan base.
In addition, it is also possible to deepen exchange with fans of other coins.


JBC TOKYO Round 2018 the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs support achievement(2018.6.26~27)

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As there are solid reviews in place, having exhibiting experience will allow you to facilitate other business development.


Increase your SNS members by
3,000 people*From a later report/Telegram

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We officially plan and hold events that will lead to strengthening SNS relationships. At the previous JBC, there was a booth that increased the number of SNS members by 3,000 people through the official stamp rally.


Extensive coverage in cross media

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By cooperating with different media and networks, transmission of information and PR through cross media will be possible before and after the conference as well.(Official media partners will be posted sequentially on the website)

Official media of the 1st JBC:

  • Gekkan Kasotsuka
  • Niconico Live
  • One E News
  • 24hour Crypto
  • Altcoin Today
  • Altcoin Today
  • Bitcoin Bázis.
  • Bitcoin Garden
  • Bitcoin Isle
  • BitcoinChaser
  • Bitcoinist
  • BitcoinNews
  • Blockchain Media
  • Bloomberg
  • BTCManager
  • C net
  • CCN
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • CoinDebate
  • CoinFeed
  • CoinGape
  • CoinGeek
  • CoinSpeaker
  • Crypto Disrupt
  • Crypto Money Magazine
  • CryptoPys
  • Financial times
  • Financial Tribune
  • Forbes
  • Gizmodo
  • ICObazaar
  • Inc42
  • Inside Bitcoins
  • Multiplier Crypto Business News
  • Okas
  • Reuters
  • SaloShop
  • Sky News
  • Sputnik News
  • Tech Crunch
  • TechWire Asia
  • The economist
  • ThirtyK
  • Wired
  • YouBrandInc
  • Etc...

The excitement of the event will be
broadcast live on the web

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The conference will be delivered real-time both domestically and internationally. A special booth will exclusively be set up. The broadcasters will be Niconico Live, a Niconico service that boasts 2.14 million paid subscribers, and the major Chinese news site NetEase, which broke the 500 million mark for the number of total downloads.
At the last conference, many people participated on the spot and talked about their preferences.
The number of viewers for the Niconico live broadcast exceeded 20,000, and there were huge response with more than 200,000 plays on NetEase.
With a broad range of target audiences, even reaching light users, we hope you will participate in this project.


Supporting important business meetings.
Complete with private spaces

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You can have important meetings in a spacious private room without being overheard by anyone else.
(There is a limit to the number of meeting spaces. Please inform the Secretariat if you wish to use one.)


Speeches that attract public attention at
three different venues

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Celebrity speakers who everyone pays attention to in the industry will be making appearances.
At the last conference held at the International Forum, so many attendees gathered at each venue that an admission limit was set at peak times.


Communication with exhibitors from each country

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As booths from different countries gather in the same place, CEOs from various projects deepen their acquaintance.
You can expect to expand new connections with CEOs that you would usually not be able to meet.


Benefits for the next conference

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We will preferentially secure a booth at the next conference.

Event Archive


-TOKYO Round 2018-

Added credibility through support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The 1st meeting held at Tokyo International Forum on 2018.6.26-27.
In case The biggest block chain conference in Japan starts here.