There are exhibition zones by cutting-edge influential companies and entities, more than 150 ICO/STO projects coming from Japan and abroad and the chances to talk to key figures in Blockchain industry. These are the appealing features of this conference.


Air live of the floor are available not only within Japan but to abroad. The special booth will be set for this. In the former air live, it included “Nikoniko air live” and in “One enews” from China whose download figures are more than five hundred million, our air live was installed more than two hundred thousand times.Furthermore, cross media of Coin Message and BS are planning to attend.

General Public

You can meet key figures in blockchain industry and have a look at front-line information.
You can experience using cryptocurrency.

Venture Companies

Business persons or employees who hopes to invest your funds using cryptocurrency.
Anyone who have interests in blockchain
Persons who want to grasp the movements in cryptocurrency industry.
Anyone who is suspicious about cryptocurrency
Persons who want to experience leading-edge blockchain technologies by yourself.
JCB is the largest conference in Asia and a lot of front-line information is available. We are expecting venture companies which will make the most of this blockchain stream.


-YOKOHAMA Round 2019-

EXPO PASS 1 DAY ¥3,000
Pre-registration discount
At-the-door tickets ¥4000
Pre-registration discount
At-the-door tickets ¥8000
VIP PASS ¥100,000
※ Includes a two-day pass to the lounge and invitations to the After Party (30th) and Celebration Party (31st)
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